7 places to visit in 2021

7 places to visit in 2021

Since vaccines for COVID-19 are being rolled out and mass vaccination has started around the world, we can be fairly confident that next year will open opportunities for more travel. While we still need to keep in mind global situation with pandemic, here are 7 places to visit in 2021 that will be exciting and safe.

Please note that we cannot predict further development of pandemic and if it will go down for sure, so you are kindly requested to follow your local health authority and situation status wherever you are. For global travel advisory, please check WHO website.

1. Fiji

Fiji doesn’t need an introduction as it is one of the most popular exotic destinations for decades now. The islands with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and friendly locals are all trademarks of this wonderful archipelago country.

7 places to visit in 2021 - Fiji

We are aware that this is not everyday destination as Fiji is in South Pacific (1,300 miles north from Auckland, NZ, for reference), but you shouldn’t miss it if you are in New Zealand (or east Australia).

Due it its isolated location, Fiji had very few COVID-19 cases and can be considered safe even today. More info about situation with pandemic you can find on Fiji Travel Advisory website.

2. Seychelles

Another island destination (actually, total of 115 islands to be precise), this one off the coast of Africa, Seychelles is also very popular destination and especially for romantic retreats. Spectacular beaches and high-end resorts are the signature of Seychelles.

You can enjoy relaxing time on the beach, go for a boat ride, dive and do other water sports, or do the mountain hiking or rock climbing. Whatever you do, you will have incredible photo opportunities as Seychelles are holiday postcard ready!

7 places to visit in 2021 - Seychelles

The country was not hit by Corona that much, there were very few cases and zero lethal outcomes, so they can be considered as safe destination already. More info about pandemic situation you can find on official Ministry of Health website.

3. Cambodia

Cambodia is also very popular destination in Asia and especially with backpackers, as country offers very affordable accommodation, transport and food. Cambodia has several world’s known attractions and landmarks, the main being Angkor Wat, temple complex in Siem Reap. The country is dotted with amazing temples and picturesque landscapes, which makes it one of the most popular photoshoot destinations as well.

7 places to visit in 2021 - Cambodia

Cambodia did incredibly well with COVID-19 and they recorded zero deaths and very few cases. There are certain travel restrictions which might be eased during 2021. Please check further info about pandemic in Cambodia on their CDC website.

4. Vietnam

Vietnam had unfortunate reputation based on Vietnam war that ended in 1975, which is relatively recent (knowing that it lasted for 20 years). Country was rebuilt since then and became major Asian tourist destination with some remnants of the war now serving as a reminder of terrible past, such as Cu Chi Tunnels.

Vietnam can offer diverse attractions for tourists of all walks of life and affinities: bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, fairy tale like Halong Bay or rice terraces of Sapa. The country also have plenty of cultural heritage such as historical buildings and temples and landmarks from colonial era.

7 places to visit in 2021 - Vietnam

Regarding COVID-19, Vietnam had very few cases, given the population size and some restrictions are in place. You can check latest information from Ministry of Health website.

5. Iceland

If you want to catch on some winter magic of Iceland, we recommend visit in winter, which lasts until March/April, although locals claim that winter never leaves Iceland ???? This is not far from the truth, because Iceland is touching the Arctic Circle in the north. Nevertheless, spectacular winter landscape, hot water springs and northern lights definitely make up for cold weather.

You will find few attractions in capital Reykjavik and the rest (and most) of Iceland’s attractions are natural landmarks and are scattered around this very special island. National parks, glaciers, geysers, waterfalls are on every corner and country is a paradise for lovers of outdoors.

7 places to visit in 2021 - Iceland

Iceland did great with pandemic and at some point had zero active cases. There are very few cases now and vaccination will make Iceland safe in no time.

More information about COVID-19 situation in Iceland you can find on their official website.

6. Thailand

Thailand is in the top five tourist destination for several decades already. Its tourism industry is well developed and organized, and they receive on average 40 million visitors yearly.

Capital Bangkok is a fantastic city with more than 8 million people and several landmarks, such as Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Phra Kaew. Chiang Mai in the north is in much calmer environment and with several famous temples – Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan.

7 places to visit in 2021 - Thailand

The country has such a diverse nature, forests in the north and white sand beaches I the south and several islands to enjoy. More info about Thailand you can find in our post here.

Thailand had very few cases (compared to size of the country) and you can check current status in this Facebook page.

7. Hong Kong

Hing Kong is part of China, but with the special status (Special Administrative Region), since it was returned from the UK colonial rule to China in 1997. Today this is very developed city with many attractions, and it is an airline hub for this part of Asia.

7 places to visit in 2021 - Hong Kong

The city is popular for its Victoria Peak and Ocean Park and also for its Disneyland Park. There are several temples and very poplar shopping area.

Hing Kong has kept situation under control and here is latest information about COVID-19 travel restrictions.


We surely hope that 2012 is the year when we will go back to travel freely. With several vaccines for COVID-19 already being deployed, there is a light at the end of pandemic tunnel. Above listed destinations are both interesting and worth visiting and also safe regarding Corona virus infections (based on current situation). We still urge our readers to follow any local and international rules related to COVID-19 when traveling and not to undertake any travel for now unless absolutely necessary. Safe travels!

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