How safe is Switzerland?

How safe is Switzerland?

How safe is Switzerland for tourists and to move around? Switzerland is very safe; it is ranked very high on various safety indexes around the world. Tourist areas are generally safe, both for single tourists and groups or families, the only caution for pickpocketers is advised.

Switzerland in general have low to very low crime rates and from that area can be considered very safe.

As far as weather and natural disasters are concerned, there are dangers in alpine region: avalanches, snowdrifts, landslides, flooding, heavy thunderstorms and snowstorms, so you should be careful about this when you are in the mountainous areas (which is very much everywhere in Switzerland ????). In case of such situation, please inform yourself about emergency numbers and contacts in case you need assistance.

Safety in Switzerland is the same in all major cities, so if you find yourself in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne or Zurich, the same level of safety applies.

One side remark regarding safety is that some shops and hotels might print out entire credit card number on receipts so you should be careful about this when storing such receipts or discarding them as somebody might get hold of your credit card number.

Other than that, Switzerland is safe and enjoyable country and very much worth a visit.

Safe travels and see you soon!

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